HKHC Case Examples: Complete Streets

The section below is (gratefully) reprinted from the Healthy Kids Healthy Communities web site’s Case Examples: Complete Streets document, which profiles efforts in Chicago, Denver, New Orleans and little Houghton, Michigan to enact policies that encourage safe road designs for pedestrians, cyclists and transit users of all ages and abilities. To see what the big cities are doing, and to view the complete document, go to

Thanks to Abby Lowe, Risa Wilkerson and all the folks at HKHC for spreading the good news and connecting communities.

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Houghton Complete Streets

Houghton, MI: Complete Streets Policy Win in the Upper Peninsula

In 2010, Houghton City Council passed a Bike Friendly Community   resolution, a bike-parking addendum to its zoning ordinances, and, after a process of committee work and public hearings, a Complete Streets ordinance. Houghton became the sixth Michigan city, and first in the rural Upper Peninsula region, to adopt a Complete Streets ordinance. As of July 2011, Michigan led the nation in local Complete Streets policies enacted, with 7 ordinances and 41 resolutions. Ordinances such as Houghton’s specify that all new roads and renovation projects must be designed to accommodate the needs of pedestrians, cyclists and transit users. Houghton is also one of 158 cities nationwide designated as a Bike Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists. Next up for Houghton’s bike task force is starting work on an Active Transportation Plan, a guiding document that will provide recommendations for transportation projects that reflect the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, transit users and people with disabilities. The Complete Streets ordinance is one important factor that will make it that much easier for residents of Houghton to incorporate activity into their daily lives.

For more information, take a look here:
•    Michigan Complete Streets Coalition
•    An article in the Mining Gazette


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